Monday, July 7, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO - caramel in carmel valley

I don't think I've talked about my obsession with love for organic food yet on this blog. Have I?

Anyway, while in San Francisco, my mom decided we would drive the two-ish hours to Carmel Valley to visit the Earthbound Farms organic food stand. We have their cookbook at home and the albondigas soup has been a long-time favorite :)

After the drive up (I slept the whole way), we were hungry and more than excited for a late lunch. The food stand was more of a mini supermarket with cafe and outside patio attached. Oh, and tons of herb gardens and berry patches. In other words, it was gigantic. Not the small food stand I'd envisioned. 

No worries, that just meant there was more to explore!

After a delicious (and huge) lunch of sandwiches, soup, freshly-picked strawberries, and of course, dessert (an amazing strawberry-apricot-peach pie), we were stuffed and I was in heaven. 

We were practically bursting at the seams, so we took a walk around the farm. 

We even walked through a chamomile labyrinth. 

And a raspberry patch (look at how cute they are!).

And look at this beautiful artichoke!

Alright, I'm done freaking out about all the beautiful produce. After Earthbound Farms, we went to Carmel where we did some shopping and found a local chocolatier.

Lula's is a traditional chocolatier and their products are made with the finest ingredients. I wish I had some left. I'm here sitting on my couch (in the same position I've been in the for the past few days), watching "Orange is the New Black," and I would give anything to have one of their dark-chocolate covered sea salt caramels or blood orange truffles right now.  

Moral of the story: watch "Orange is the New Black."

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