Tuesday, November 11, 2014

IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS - peppermint a-la-mode brownies + holiday drinks

I need to start by apologizing to anyone who reads my blog (maybe like four of the girls in my sorority, plus my mom? ... I don't even think my mom reads my blog anymore) because I haven't posted for two, maybe three, weeks.

It's not that I'm bored of blogging or don't have time for it. Believe me, I have time. I spend a good chunk of each day watching Netflix ("Arrested Development," anyone?). 

It's just that I don't have any content to post. At home, I could've thrown on an outfit and dragged my mom or my brother outside to take pictures for me. But that strategy doesn't quite translate over to college life so I'm trying to formulate a new plan. (This also explains the mess that is my Instagram feed. I need to get my life together.)

Now that's Halloween's over, I could not be more ready for Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. etc. etc.

I've already created a 75-song holiday playlist on Spotify that I've been listening to for the past week and a half. My roommates and I have also made a routine of blasting (and singing along to) Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey's rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is You" at around 11:30 every night. I'm sure none of our floormates mind.

This is all to say that I'll be celebrating Christmas from now, till mid-January. I've already gotten my first official Skinny Peppermint Mocha of the season in that beautifully festive Starbucks holiday cup.

I lied. 

I actually started getting Peppermint Mocha's in early October....but that doesn't count because it wasn't in a holiday cup. 

Also, Pinkberry is now selling an amazing a-la-mode brownie with fudge, peppermint-white chocolate curls, and peppermint froyo. I'm all about it. 

I forgot to mention that the reason I suddenly acquired a real Starbucks holiday drink (not the fake Peet's coffee crap I've been enduring) and Pinkberry (it's been so long since I've had Pinkberry that my soul was in pain) was because my roommates and I made a trip to SF. We had originally planned to go ice skating in Union Square, but when we found out that the big Christmas tree right next to the rink wasn't going to be lit up until after Thanksgiving, we changed our plans and instead decided to just walk around, explore, and find places to take pictures for our various social media platforms.

We lead such riveting lives. Truly.

This is such a pitiful excuse for an outfit post. I apologize. I will do better.

I've had this leather jacket since I was in 8th grade, when I purchased it (yes, with my own money) on my first trip to New York. It's from Ben Sherman and I really don't know if it's still available or not but I got it on sale and I hope it will last me a long time. The tee is just a simple white tee (that shrunk when I ran it through the drier a couple weeks ago...I'm still bitter about that) from Zara. The leggings are from Target. Super simple outfit, but throw on a leather jacket and swipe on some dark purple-red lipstick and TADAHHHH, YOU'RE A BADASS BITCH.

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