Monday, January 19, 2015


During finals week, I made a super intense google doc with all of the things I wanted to do over winter break.

So yes, this was a list of places I wanted to eat at and blog posts I wanted to write. My life is absolutely RIVETING.

One of those places I wanted to eat at was Waffles de Liege, a liege waffle truck that recently opened their first storefront about 10 minutes away from my house.

After waiting for 20 minutes, we finally got our waffles. Apparently, we happened to walk in right after a 14-person party ordered. As my impatience and waffle cravings intensified, one woman within the 14-person party approached me, apologized for the wait, and assured me it would all be worth it.

I opted for a "make your own" waffle - topped with chocolate sauce and an almost-too-generous scoop of peppermint bark ice cream. I like to keep that holiday spirit alive long after the holidays are over.

Now, I had this for dinner...

I mean, it was delicious. Don't get me wrong. With their crunchy, caramelized chunks of pearl sugar, liege waffles are a crowning jewel of Dutch culture. But it was SO filling. Like I felt myself slipping into a food coma after the first three bites.

Nonetheless, it was glorious, and I will definitely be going back after the overall amount of sugar in my body decreases to its normal level.

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