Thursday, February 5, 2015


sweater weather

You know those days (possibly, everyday) when all you want to do is wear sweats and a baggy tee, even though you have to go out in public?

I think I have one of those days at least 5 times a week.

I created three sets on Polvyore that can (hopefully!) provide you with some outfit inspiration that will allow you to wear those sweats you slept in last night to your classes the next morning, without looking disheveled.

The first set is probably my favorite because of the shorts. Yes, I get that the pair pictured here are a tad 'both cheeks hanging out' short...but this is just a starting point. The main idea here is: pair a (somewhat sexy?) sleepwear-inspired short, perhaps made of satin or chiffon, or one with a lace detail, with a comfy, oversized sweater. I guess I didn't really include shoes here, but I would say go for a plain, pointed-toe flat, high-top black converse, or chelsea boot. Actually, I would say those shoes would be great for any of these three outfits.

lounging at home

lounging at home by caitlinntayy

This next look provides a bit more coverage...

Tuck a loose-fit, plain white t-shirt into a pair of slightly-fitted joggers. Wear a cute bralette underneath to make the look a bit more delicate, and add some jewelry - perhaps a thin gold choker and a ring. Got a cool pair of shades? Throw those on, too! A t-shirt and pair of sweats is just a starting point. This foundation itself is very plain, so feel free to accessorize.

lazy sundays
lazy sundays by caitlinntayy

This last look is pretty similar to the second look, except you could do athletic/sweats-inspired shorts instead of pants. I also love the idea of a sportswear-inspired bralette, as opposed to a lacy one. I'm particularly obsessed with Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 collection, which incorporates the concept of underwear as outerwear, through a sportswear interpretation. Going out to run errands? Throw on a longer gold necklace and gold watch to slightly upgrade your look.

I hope these sets gave you some inspiration that will enable you to remain comfortable during those God-awful 8am lectures, while still looking great.

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