Tuesday, August 25, 2015

IN THE GREEN - a collab with Mariel of Polydeux

Meet Mariel Cornel, my (significantly shorter) sister from another mister.

When we first met a couple months ago, Mariel and I instantly clicked. Our first adventure included galavanting around Santa Monica where we stuffed our faces with French food, staked out random passers-by who looked like they might be able to take IG photos for us, and danced in the Nasty Gal store on the 3rd Street Promenade.

With the amazing friendship we had, we decided to do a collab post with the help of Mariel's amazing photographer, Justin (@justinquebral). And so, we met up for coffee where Mariel decided to get way too hyped up on a salted caramel latte, then made our way to a top secret location - a jungly walkway of sorts, hidden away in Pasadena.

For one of our looks, we went for a sporty vibe with matching American Apparel tennis skirts. We tried to look really serious, but the truth is, this is a very rare pic of us...most of our time was spent skipping around while Justin was trying to get us to be serious. I kept warning him about the fountain he was dangerously close to as he tried to capture a shot of us looking all professional and blogger-y.

Me: "You know, you can drown in an inch of water..."
Justin: "Thanks for that..."

One more rare pic of us being serious.

For the second look, we decided to do a juxtaposing kinda thing. I went with all black (of course), while Mariel went for an all-white look. Actually, the only white thing she wore was her dress - her shoes were black. Meanwhile, I wore black converse, a black top, black shorts AND a black hat, so I think I win. Not that this was a competition or anything...

I'm really just now looking at these pictures for the first time, and I can't really help but notice how funny they are. It looks like a family portrait or something...

As Mariel started coming down from her salted caramel latte high and we finished shooting our individual shots, we decided to call it a day. Between our random dancing (Mariel likes to pretend she's a pole dancer, krumper etc.), Justin almost injuring himself while climbing into bushes to get a good angle, and our attempts to change outfits without attracting weird stares from pedestrians, it's a miracle we got all these shots.

Perhaps it's not all that surprising, though. After all, in Mariel's words: "It's like we're Beyonce and Nicki! Except we're both Beyonce."

Stay tuned for more Caitlin x Mariel. But in the meantime, make sure to check out Mariel's blog, Polydeux, and Justin's portfolio!

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