Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating! I know the holidays are a time for family bonding, but hopefully you're reading this blog post instead.

Just kidding. But really, I hope you like this post :)

I know this outfit is very Christmas-y with the green floral print and red lipstick, but I hope the general idea of it serves you well in your winter outfits ventures. We all know December in LA is pretty much the same as summer everywhere else, but dressing to the weather you wish you had just seems like the right thing to do. It's like you want it to be cold so you dress like it's 50 degrees even when it's close to 80...just California things.

Over my blogging experience, I've realized that I am a story-teller. This means I tend to ramble in my writing, but I just want you guys to have a taste of my life. That sounds weird, but hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.

So here's today's story. It about the holidays - the season of giving.

The day of my flight back home, it was POURING rain. I mean it was raining down, up, left, didn't even seem to matter than I had an umbrella because I was still soaked. There was no way I was going to try to mess with the BART to get to the airport, so I called a Lyft. After struggling to haul all my luggage to the Lyft in the pouring rain, while wielding an umbrella and trying to figure out how I would get my rolling bag down three flights of stairs while balancing my duffel bag and two carry-ons, I finally got into the car and was on my way. We made it to the airport and as soon as I waved goodbye to my very friendly driver, I realized I left one of my carry-ons in the back of the car. I panicked and tried to figure out to how to call the driver. Within 15 minutes of leaving a message, I got the call - my driver said she was unable to drive back and bring me my bag, but that she could mail it to me. I was completely astonished and grateful that she would offer to do so.

The following day, I was back home and got another call from my driver, informing me that the package would be extremely expensive to mail, but that she was actually going to be in the LA area this week. We agreed to meet up. Again, I was shocked that someone could be so kind. It was obviously my fault that I was careless enough to leave my carry-on in the back of her car, and yet, she made the extra effort to bring it ALL THE WAY FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, for me. We met up, I got my bag, and I baked her some earl grey shortbread cookies in return. It was honestly just an amazing experience that I think sums up what the holidays are all about - sharing and being kind. There are some pretty amazing people in this world.

And another reason why my savior of a Lyft driver is amazing (seriously though...I have her contact in my phone as "AMAZING LYFT DRIVER") is because she brought me the carry-on that contained the Steve Madden heels I'm wearing in this post. I planned this outfit  during finals week in-between countless hours of studying, and without her help, this post would not exist.

So yes, maybe the heel is a bit tall...something like six inches...but you have to admit, they look pretty killer. And they're reasonably comfortable, too. This is my first pair of nude heels, and I'm very satisfied with them. They have a snakeskin-like embossed print on them and I think they're pretty shnazzy. 10/10 recommend.

Next item: the dress. Over Thanksgiving break, I did quite a lot of shopping. Might have gone a little overboard. One of the items I picked up was this gorgeous ecote trapeze dress from Urban Outfitters. I don't really have any dresses with this silhouette, and I think the print is festive without being too much so that you can't wear it at any other time of the year. The fabric is light and it's just super cute and sophisticated at the same time. There's also a cute keyhole detail in the back, which I love.

The bag is a Christmas present I got from my brother a couple years ago. It has a middle zipper compartment, as well as two side compartments and a magnetic closure, which makes it a very easy-to-use piece. I absolutely love it but it's a bit on the fancy side so I tend to save it for special occasions. The crocodile print is gorgeous and I also like the gold chain detail on the strap. It can also easily be converted into a clutch, which makes it really versatile.

Miscellaneous items: YSL lipstick (I'm a sucker for dark plum lips) and my new claws ($22 for a fill - hunter green essie polish with a matte triangle detail at the base of the nail, as well as a kenzo-inspired eye on each middle finger). I guess the fly-away/baby hairs are a sort of miscellaneous item, too, except I wish I could get rid of those... this has been a long post. Thank you for reading all of this if you've gotten this far.

The day after Christmas is always a sad day, so I hope your Christmas Day is filled with lots of heavily-spiked eggnog, quality time with family and friends, many laughs, and lots of good food.

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