Monday, December 29, 2014


It's been uncharacteristically cold in LA recently. When I shot this look, it got down to like 55! 55 is cold enough to wear a fur coat, right?

When I stepped out the front door in this get-up, my parents both looked at me pointedly, and my mom flat-out said I looked like a stripper. I took to twitter to rat out my mom, to which one of my friends replied that I looked like "an expensive one." I guess that's a good thing?

I don't really care to be honest. When you wear a fur coat, you just feel AWESOME. Bad bitch status. Completely invincible. The heels helped with that, too.

I recently went on a bit of an online shopping frenzy spree and bought three pairs of shoes (ALL ON SALE!) from asos. One of them was this pair of pointed ankle strap heels. I'm in love with them. Buying shoes online can be difficult because it's hard to gauge fit based on a picture. The fit on these is a bit snug, as my feet are a bit wide, but for a $58 pair of super cute heels...the pain is worth it.

I bought the jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, when I stepped into the store over Thanksgiving break for the first time in ages. You know that phase everyone has in middle school where you're just OBSESSED with Abercrombie and pester your parents to buy you 50 of those horrendous, obnoxious polos and tees plastered with that dumb moose across the chest? Well after looking back on pictures of myself from that phase, I was scarred for a while, and avoided the store at all costs.

My brother is now a freshman in high school and he's taken to Abercrombie's recently upgraded style. I was surprised to find this coat when I visited last month, and it was on sale so I figured I should buy it. Besides, it's vegan fur (I don't really know what it's made of, other than NOT animal fur), so I feel like a good person. I am not an animal killer.

I also adore this mini neoprene skirt from zara, and the cami is just one that I've had since probably elementary school, from a then-Limited Too.

So whether you think this look is stripper-ish or not, I think it's a great outfit for New Year's Eve. Ring in the New Year with style, while everyone else is falling over drunk and running around, desperately trying to find a New Year's kiss.

Who needs all that anyway. We all know New Year's Eve always sounds better in theory than it actually is.

So grab a fur jacket, put on a pair of stilettos and a mini skirt, sip from a good glass of wine or champagne, and entertain yourself with everyone else's idiocy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fur Jacket - Abercrombie&Fitch | Skirt - Zara (similar here) | Shoes - Asos

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