Monday, January 12, 2015


I love that it's been a cool end of December/beginning of January (actually I don't know if the weather will still be this nice once this is posted, because I'm writing this in December...I hope it is). Cold(er) weather means I get to wear my Topshop bomber jacket!!

I bought this jacket back over the summer. I have this theory that you should buy your clothes in the opposite season from when you're going to wear them, because they'll usually be on sale during those times.

That probably made absolutely NO sense, so let me try to clarify:

Buy your winter jackets during the summer, and buy your sundresses during the winter.

What I love about this bomber, besides the fact that its super warm, is the color. It's a beautiful midnight blue...

*insert Project Runway gif of Christopher Palu from "Project Runway" where he responds to one of his competitors calling her fabric a "blood orange color," by making fun of her and saying "it's fucking red"* (here's the clip from the show if you want to watch it, by the way)

...anyway....with the satin fabric, the blue looks extra shimmery and pretty. This jacket is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Let's skip the shirt, which is just a basic short-sleeve white tee from Zara, skim over the subject of the jeans (they're SUPER comfy and I got them at 50% off over Thanksgiving break), and get right to my other favorite part of this outfit - the shoes.

I'm pretty sure these are supposed to be dupes of the Alexander Wang ones...

My brother and dad both expressed their distaste for these, but I quite like them. Also, I've been trying to build my pointed-toe-shoe collection, so I think this is a nice addition.

This outfit is very easy-going but has a slight edge, thanks to the shoes. Perfect for an easy day out shopping, eating, or what have you.

Bomber Jacket - Topshop (similar here) | White T-Shirt - Zara (similar here) | Jeans - Gap | Shoes - Asos

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