Monday, January 5, 2015


It's winter break and I'm back at it. And by back at it, I mean driving long distances and sitting in traffic for good food. My most recent discovery? Stir Market & Cafe in West LA, aka every foodies and fashionista's happy place.

I visited Stir on December 23rd, at which point I still had Christmas shopping, baking, cooking, and wrapping left to do. Clearly my organizational skills need some improvement. My brother and I got an early start (meaning we left the house at 10am. We aren't the earliest of risers) and headed for West LA where we stopped by Century City to pick up my new iPhone 6, which I'm completely in love with, and which was completely necessary given that I proper shattered the screen of my last phone. Whoops...

Of course, we had to get a mid-morning mini cupcake trio from Vanilla Bake Shop, my absolute favorite cupcake shop of all time! One each of meyer lemon-filled raspberry, bittersweet chocolate, and gingerbread. We eat dessert before our meals. We're just rebellious like that.

For lunch, we headed to Stir, where Logan (my brother) ordered a porchetta sandwich and I opted for the kale romaine caesar. We then ordered our second dessert of the day - a cranberry oatmeal cookie for Logan and a pomegranate chocolate tart for myself.

How fantastic does this sandwich look? Man, I wish I ate pork. I blame that fetal pig dissection I had to do in 9th grade biology for my subsequent inability to stomach pork.

With fork and knife in hand, Logan finally wrangled the beast of a porchetta sandwich. I would say he enjoyed it...I mean, I think the pictures say it all. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Now I'm quite picky when it comes to caesar salad. My mom makes the absolute BEST caesar salad. Probably even better than caesar's himself.

I hope you all know that was my desperate attempt at a joke.

But back to my pickiness about caesars...Stir's is now a close second to my mom's. I love kale, but in large, raw amounts, it can be a little too green. Like you just feel like a rabbit when you're eating a giant kale salad. But the half-and-half blend of romaine and kale was perfectly balanced. Also, their crutons were BOMB.

Whenever I go out to eat, I love to get a few dishes I can share with the table. My intent was to share this tart with Logan, but he was busy with his cookie so I was left to eat it alone. More for me!

I mean I eventually managed to finish all of it. In fact, it wasn't a struggle at all. The chocolate filling was decadent and smooth, the pastry flaky, and the pomegranate seeds a perfect touch of seasonal freshness that gave lightness to the dessert.

And look at how cute the Market area was!

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